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Keystones & Jägermeister Create Worcester Tiki Cocktail

Keystones & Jägermeister Create Worcester Tiki Cocktail

Keystones & Jägermeister Create Worcester Tiki Cocktail

Keystones Cocktail Club have had a great long-term relationship with the guys from Jägermeister and are now teaming up again to create a Worcester Tiki Cocktail.  JP, owner of the club states, “We want to offer our guests a genuine Tiki experience.  We’re one of the few clubs to been chosen to have our own bespoke Jägermeister Tiki Mugs.”

worcester tiki barAt the heart of the new Tiki Bar experience at Keystones is the latest offering from the Mast-Jägermeister Company called ‘Manifest’.  Based on their original herbal elixir, Manifest has a lighter soft oak flavour achieved by transforming the maceration and aging processes.  They have also moved away from the classic green bottle and have created a rich amber-red liquor the colour of cooling lava.  This is perfectly suited to the new red and black Tiki mugs custom made by Jägermeister for Keystones.

There’s soon going to be a new Worcester Tiki cocktail arriving!  Keystones are creating a new beverage for their guests.  It’s going to be called the ‘TikiFest‘ with the Tiki part representing the traditional Rum, Orgeat and Lime associated with Tiki Culture and the Fest coming from the last part of Jägermeister’s new elixir, Manifest.  Of course, ‘Fest’ also draws on the idea of warm beaches and great island festivals.  That’s what Tiki is all about – being laidback, chilled out and having a really good time.

keystones cocktail bar tiki themeThe Worcester Tiki Cocktail

The exact recipe and the way the new drink is made is still a mystery but will soon be unveiled when the club reopens.  Secret tastings of the new cocktail have wowed the testers and it’s looking like a perfect celebration beverage.  Naturally, the new cocktail will be served in the new Keystones Tiki Mugs from Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Manifest at the Heart of Worcester Tiki Cocktail

Cam, head barman at Keystones explains, “Manifest is ‘Jägers’ new spirit  and we’re one of the biggest ambassadors for this new creation.  Not only does it look like it’s on fire, it tastes great either on it’s own or in our new cocktails.”

Cam is right.  Manifest is a very grownup spirit with serious flavour and that lingers like a great whisky or cabernet sauvignon.  This is still Jägermeister  but this isn’t for shots, its far to sophisticated for that and that’s why it makes the perfect cocktail ingredient.

manifest cocktail keystones

Experts who’ve appraised Manifest claim there are hints of exotic fruit, warm spices and mint all smoothed together with a heady mix of dark chocolate, soft cinnamon and smoked vanilla. Well that alone should makes it every Mixologists’ new best friend.  It is also a little sweeter making it perfect for exotic cocktails and fruit mixers.  This is a truly excellent addition to Jägermeister Spice and really adds depth to the company’s offering.

At the launch event, Manifest was offered in three ways.  You could have it neat, over ice or as an Old Fashioned Twist with 1.5 ounces Manifest, .5 ounces bourbon, .25 ounces black tea syrup and an absinthe spritz. Sounds great, but we believe our new TikiFest cocktail is soon going to be a menu favourite and future classic.

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Bespoke Tiki Bar Worcester Mugs From Keystones And Jägermeister

Bespoke Tiki Bar Worcester Mugs From Keystones And Jägermeister

As part of  the ongoing relationship between Jägermeister and Keystones Cocktail Club of Worcester, we’re really excited to let you all know that we will soon be receiving our new bespoke Tiki mugs.   Exclusive to only a handful of venues, these mugs were original designed by the team at Jägermeister for the Mahiki Bar in London and were an instant hit with guests.

Jägermeister stated, “Due to their popularity, and simply how amazing they looked, we decided to start offering them to some of our best customers. All completely made to order, they can be truly personalised in regards to colour. For example, Keystones are the first and only venue to request and use red and black mugs. If there is one type of cocktail that really suits Jägermeister then it is the tiki cocktail, so the mugs complement this really well. It’s great to see a new Worcester tiki bar experience.”Read more

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The Cocktail Bar Worcester

The Cocktail Bar Worcester

What makes a great cocktail bar in Worcester?  JP is the proud owner of Keystones Cocktail Club in Worcester and he believes that: "A terrific cocktail isn't just about the fluid in the glass it’s about the total experience.” To this end, Keystones have created an imaginative haven for people wanting to experience the best and is even giving their London namesake a run for their money.Read more