Keystones Worcester The Secret Room

Keystones Worcester, a cocktail bar like no other!  Discover secret rooms, exciting cocktails and an atmosphere you just can’t miss. This unique cocktail bar in the heart of the vibrant city centre is a great venue everyone just loves. The combination of marvel superheroes, secret joker rooms, one of a kind cocktails are just a some of the things you need to experience.   Keystones Cocktail Club definitely has a secret formula that works for its many loyal customers.

Keystones Cocktail Bar Worcester opened in 2013 and since then has evolved into something spectacular.  Every single time we have been there it’s been busy, and you just can’t help to be drawn into the magic it all. Where else can you be surrounded by Marvel superheroes and villains while you drink a cocktail supercharged with out-of-this-world flavours.

The entrance to Keystones Cocktail Club is a simple doorway set into the historic stonework of Worcester but enter through this portal and your transported to a different plane.  Set in underground vaulted rooms and decorated with comic style graffiti and villain madness, Keystones is set in against a backdrop of quirky luxury with just a hint of a posh London leather gin parlour to give it that unique twist.   It’s an unforgettable experience and has already become a Worcester legend.  What’s even better is that everyone is welcoming and friendly.  You can just tell straightaway that everyone is there to have a great night out. Perhaps this is the superpower secret to Keystones’ success.

But that’s not all … in keeping with their theme of Superheroes there is even a secret room away underground.  An adventure through the neon red corridor covered in black soundproofing sponge leads you into a room designed with the Joker in mind.  Here you’ll find chairs with bicycle legs, large villain artwork covering the walls and to top it all off a ceiling of dice. This room is definitely perfect for that outstanding photo.

When it’s time to assume your alter ego then head to the bar and order something fresh off the menu.  But, here’s another little secret.  We can get you a free drink to start your night off on a high note.   Download the Worcester-Nightlife.App today, show the bartender the app and they will give you a free Crack Baby, one of Keystones signature drinks.  Have one on us to get you going!

Open all week except for Sundays, the Keystones Cocktail Club has a passion for crazy beverages. Located in the centre of Worcester, the club has a wide range of cocktails on offer inspired by comics and the cinematic universe.  From the serious to the frivolous drinks you can sample a selection while you socialise, dance your night away or head over to the sofas to catch up with friends.  It’s up to you.

If you are looking for more information head over to Keystones Cocktail Bar today or reach out to us on social media where we would be happy to answer any questions you have today.