Pornstar Quarantin-e

Your fav Pornstar martini with a twist! It (There is more of it!).
Grey Goose Vodka, Passoa Passion Fruit, vanilla liquid sugar, Apple juice and passion fruit puree!
Approx 15% ABV.

Cocktail pouches are only available for pick up from Keystones Cocktail Club. Please make sure you select this option when checking out.

“Take our famous cocktails home!! Order your party pack of cocktails and collect from the bar (delivery available on request). They also come in a box with a bag of ice.”

Keep your fridge stocked with Keystones Cocktail Pouches and you’ll always be prepared to throw a party for any reason. Our easy-to-open, blender-style cocktails are ready to drink right from your fridge. Simply cool, squeeze and enjoy!

Overflowing with exotic flavours, these ready-to-drink super-chilled cocktails bring the taste of the world right to you. When blended with snowy soft crushed ice they make a classic cocktail that feels just like one you got in our club at Keystones. These convenient pouches are perfectly designed to fit through your mailbox.

Made from the best ingredients and finest spirits, our list includes:

  • Jam Jar Daiquiri
  • Gin & Juice
  • Pornstar Quarantine
  • Spring Break
  • Candy Shop Collins
  • Curfew Crush
  • Aged Old Fashioned
  • Bump & Grind


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