Keystones Cocktail Club Is Certified Covid19 Compliant

As Covid-19 restrictions are easing here is how we’re working to keep both you and us safe. Our policy is to lessen the exposure through good practice and risk assessment. We’ve taken all necessary measures to deliver the Keystones Cocktail Club experience safely. This means we have followed the guidelines set out by the government in order to deliver a safe experience. We’ve assessed every part of our offering; the spaces we provide, our team, the training given to them, our food, and drinks and how we look after you.

Keystones have invested thousands of pounds in a range of measures to ensure the safety of their guests including safety screens and cleansing technology.  The capacity of the club has been reduced but the good news is that it still feels busy and alive. The experience may look a little different, but our team is striving to deliver the same attention to care and exceptional customer service. We want to reassure you that we’ve putting measures in place to keep us all safe that you can fully enjoy your time with us.

Due to the reduced capacity of the venue, we encourage all guests to book in advance if you can. Of course, if we have tables that are not booked, we will still take walk ins on a first come, first served basis.


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The Environment May Have Changed But The Keystones Vibe Never Will & The Whole Team Are Here To Make Sure You Have A Safe Fun Experience! – Current opening hours – Monday 6pm-Late Tuesday 6pm-Late Wednesday 6pm-Late Thursday 6pm-Late Friday 4pm-Late Saturday 4pm-Late Sunday 4pm – Late – Bookings Advisable For All Groups Via DM .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #drink #clublife #wine #nightout #tonight #partytime #partydecorations #cocktail #love #partyparty #clubbers #housemusic #music #lastnight #friends #nightparty #partyplanner #birthdays #night #bigparty #photooftheday #food #poolparty #instagram #drinks #instagood #nightclub #nightphotography #events #atnight

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Track & Trace:

The person who makes the booking has a responsibility to inform their other guests if, at a later date, we contact you with regards to the UK Government’s Track & Trace programme.  To simplify this process, all guest information can be added online prior to arriving at the venue by using this form on the Keystones Cocktail Club website.

As far as cleanliness is concerned, we’ve implemented some very practical steps:

  • Our public areas are cleansed using products proven to be effective against Coronavirus.
  • Important sections of our club, especially door handles and service surfaces, are sanitised hourly.
  • All our credit card machines are sanitised after each use
  • Tables are sanitised after each guest visit or on request
  • All public areas are deep cleaned daily using anti-covid19 detergents.
  • We have increased the numbers of antibacterial hand sanitisers in all areas

Arriving at the venue:

You may have to wait a few minutes for your table to be ready to allow for extra cleaning. Infrared temperature checks may be applied to all guests when they arrive at the venue and we reserve the right to refuse admission.

There is no Bar Counter Service:

We understand that this is frustrating but If you were to order at the bar this would mean that we couldn’t adhere to social distancing. Our employees have been issued with PPE equipment and have been trained on how provide table service to you. This procedure helps us to reduce any risk.


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We Are Currently Looking For Energetic & Enthusiastic Floor Staff To Join Our Family If You’re Interested Please Enquire Via DM – Please Note All Bookings Are Now Maximum 4 Hour Slots! – Current opening hours – Monday 6pm-Late Tuesday 6pm-Late Wednesday 6pm-Late Thursday 6pm-Late Friday 4pm-Late Saturday 4pm-Late Sunday 7pm – Late – Bookings Advisable For All Groups Via DM .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #drink #clublife #wine #nightout #tonight #partytime #partydecorations #cocktail #love #partyparty #clubbers #housemusic #music #lastnight #friends #nightparty #partyplanner #birthdays #night #bigparty #photooftheday #food #poolparty #instagram #drinks #instagood #nightclub #nightphotography #events #atnight

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Some of the additional measures that we have put into place include:

  • Wellness checks are completed daily for all staff members and anyone displaying symptoms or pre-symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from the workplace.
  • The number of employees on shift at any one time has been reduced in size to allow for physical distancing in the workplace.
  • All employees have been retrained in the correct frequency and method for effective handwashing.
  • On arrival to our bar, guests are asked to sanitise their hands before being seated.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is readily available and face coverings are worn by front-of-house employees whilst serving guests.
  • The layout of all of our bar has been adjusted to allow for physical distancing between guests.
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes have been implemented, particularly for hand-contact surfaces and in the toilet areas, using chemicals which are effective against viruses.
  • A risk assessment has been completed and documented to demonstrate that we have looked at all COVID-19 hazards within the business and have introduced controls in order to operate safely.



We are also having monthly health and safety assessments, as well as regular daily deep cleaning of the venue, with higher frequency in more used areas.

We are also really pleased to say that with all these measures in place we have still managed to ensure that the club still has the same keystones vibe and that people are still having a great time here with us.