Keystones Worcester Celebrates Reopening

The past few months have been a challenging time for the hospitality sector but the signs are there that life is starting to return to normal – even if it is a new kind of normal that we’re all still getting used to.

Keystones Cocktail Club reopened its doors on the 4th July and things have been picking up ever since.  The club is now entertaining people again and the vibe that made Keystones so special has definitely made a comeback. This is down to the great teamwork that has emerged between the staff and the guests.

As John Paul, owner of the Club put it, “It’s as if everyone knows that we’ve got to pull together, follow the safety rules and still find a way to have a fun time.  It’s the British way that when things get tough, we pull together and find a way forward.”

Keystones have invested thousands of pounds in a range of measures to ensure the safety of their guests including safety screens and cleansing technology.  The capacity of the club has been reduced but the good news is that it still feels busy and alive.

In preparation for the reopening the club invested in a brand-new website with an integrated registration system for guests so that they can submit their details as required by the government.  This has proved a huge success and help simplify the process.  Now it is no more complicated than booking a table or an entrance ticket.

John Paul added, “We knew that the staff would have to wear facemasks so we made sure that we ordered a special consignment of superhero ones that would match our theme and brighten up the place.  It’s all been about finding ways to adapt.”

Keystones Cocktail Club has put some easy to follow rules into place such as having additional tables fitted which are all 2m plus apart from each other.  On stage there are banners promoting the social distancing rules.  There are also hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue and only two people are allowed in the toilets at any one time.  The great thing is that everyone has been following these rules and pitching in to make this work.  The feedback that we have had from customers has been great and we’d like to thank each and every one of them for helping us make this real again.

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As a university city, Worcester has always had a vibrant nightlife scene but the even with the Uni in lockdown we’ve witnessed a tremendous community spirit that is determined to see the city’s entertainment venues not just survive but thrive.

To celebrate their reopening success, Keystones will soon be launching a range of new initiatives to support their customers including regular email updates and a brand-new cocktail selection guaranteed to get people visiting in droves.