Keystones Worcester Bar Reopens

Keystones Worcester Cocktail Bar is one of the businesses that reopened on July 4th in keeping with the easing of Lockdown restrictions.  With a wide range of social distancing measure in place, the bar did a steady and upbeat trade and would like to thank its supporter for following guidelines and making the reopening event a fantastic success.

As part of the reopening initiative, Keystones have launched their new NHS online booking and visitor tracking system.  This means that people who are visiting the bar can enter all their details in advance and provide their information should they need to be contacted in the future.  For people wanting to use this facility you can visit keystones website here: (

Some of the safety measures put in place included all staff wearing superhero face masks and gloves to make sure the customer contact was kept to a minimum.  Tables and general surfaces were regularly wiped down with sanitiser.  Wherever possible, social distancing of at least one metre was maintained and guests were allocated specific time slots and table service only.

Over the weekend the bar attracted a really great crowd of visitors who had a fantastic time- even with restrictions in place.  As JP, the owner of Keystones Worcester said: “Most people were really well behaved and went out of their way to make this this work and follow the rules. A few people did need reminding as the evening went on but were all good natured about it. I’d like to say a huge thanks to all our Patrons who joined us over the weekend.”

Thirsty visitors seemed thrilled to have their favourite waterhole open again.  As one guest put it: “The worst thing about lockdown was feeling so isolated.  Even if you can’t hug and kiss people anymore you can still see your mates across the room and give them a wave – or if you’re feeling generous buy them a cocktail.”

The easing of restrictions on Saturday included bars, restaurants, hairdressers, outdoor gyms and playgrounds, hotels, cinemas, museums, art galleries, arcades, libraries, and community centres.

JP added that the club team had spent nearly two weeks making sure that they were ready to reopen and had seriously reviewed and implemented practical social distancing measures. “It was just fantastic to see our Worcester Bar reopening.”

Already nicknamed “Independence Day”, July 4th 2020 was a huge success for keystones Cocktail Bar in Worcester and the management it committed to learning from the weekend festivities and will be constantly looking for ways to improve the their arrangements for the safety and enjoyment of their visitors.