Secrets of a Great Safe Night Out

Going out clubbing at night can result in great moments and fun memories for now and for your later years. Your kids will never believe mum and dad were so cool. You can ensure that you benefit from both if you know and apply the secrets of a great safe night out.

Successful clubbing is based on the hard lessons learned by legions of partygoers before you. If you fail to apply them correctly, you may regret your misadventures not only the next morning but for several years to come.

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Plan Your Return

That’s right! Before you even plan your party attire, you should make sure that your arrival back home will be as smooth as possible. Here are some tips on that:

  • Spruce up your place a bit if you feel that you might not be returning alone.
  • Place a large glass with water on the nightstand. Drink it before you go to bed to have an if you want a much more manageable hangover the next morning. Most party headaches are caused by dehydration.
  • Order one large pizza and eat half of it before you go out. The complex carbs will boost your energy and prevent you from getting drunk too early in the night.
  • Keep the rest of the pizza for late-night binging! We both know that “tipsy you” has an insatiable craving for salty, greasy food. Leftover pizza is cheaper and slightly healthier than an oily kebab.
  • Save some cash for a taxi ride home. The way to a party is short and exciting. The way back is always blurry and lasts an eternity. You don’t want to make it feel even worse by walking, biking or having to rely on others to get you back to your bed – unless that’s your plan from the start.
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Prepare for the Party

Now that your return plan is all set up, you can go on to a more exciting part of a night out: getting ready. Here’s what you should do:

  • Begin grooming and applying makeup long before leaving. You do not want to leave everything for the last minute and risk cutting while shaving or plucking too many hairs from your eyebrows.
  • The same goes for your attire. Choose your partying clothes long in advance. Make sure that they are clean, ironed and that your shoes don’t have any evidence from the last time you beat the drum.
  • Travel light! You do not need to carry half of your wardrobe to the club. Dress according to the weather forecast. Carry only essential belongings like your keys, your phone, and your wallet/purse.
  • Summer tip: always have a pair of shades with you. In the summertime, parties tend to end after the sun is already up and shining. You might need some protection for your energy-drained, red eyes.

Partying Tips

Plenty of people prepare for the weekend nights all week long. They eagerly plan every single detail, and when the big night finally arrives, all they want to do is go back home. One of the secrets of having a successful night out is to start off with no expectations. The lower your anticipation will be the more fun you’ll have. Other secrets include:

  • Assemble a crew of fun people. Leave out those friends that are clingy, needy, cranky, and always eager to go to 23 different clubs on the same night.
  • Don’t mix drinks! If you start your night with a beer, continue down that path. Adding rum, whiskey, and gin may seem like you’re having fun, but you are only booking a 3-day hangover holiday.
  • Stay out of conflicts! If a fight breaks out, just swallow your pride and walk away. If you don’t, you will only regret it later, and you may do so from either a hospital bed or from jail.
  • Know your limits! This one goes for both dancing and drinking. Avoid taking the spotlight on the dance floor, even if you are a professional choreographer. Nobody likes a show-off. Also, if you have a bit of partying experience, you should know what having one drink too many does to you.
  • Stop before you become an exhausted topsy-turvy crazy person. Grab your lover or your best friend by the shoulder and head on home. The best parties are those that you don’t regret the next morning.

There’s loads more tips to a great night out, but these are the ones most likely to keep the fun going and keep you safe at the same time.  Cheers and see you soon.

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